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Bernadette West

Dr. Bernadette West is Professor of Economics at Strayer University, a

predominantly on-line university head quartered in Herndon, VA.  She has been a

full-time faculty member of Strayer University since 2007 and former Dean of the

Strayer Coral Springs Campus in Broward County.  She is a long time resident of

South Florida and earned a B.A., M.A., and Ph. D. in Economics from Florida

International University.  Dr. West has been actively teaching and facilitating

graduate and undergraduate economic courses at universities throughout South

Florida, including the University of Miami, Florida International University, Barry

University, Thunderbird Global MBA, and currently Strayer University. 

Dr. West’s area of expertise is Managerial Economics, Micro and Macro Economics,

and Regional Economics.  She is also the co-author/editor of several publications

with Dr. Antonio Jorge and Dr. Jorge Salazar Carrillo that examined important

economic issues in Latin America.  She was also commissioned by the Miami

Dolphins LTD and Florida Marlins LTD (1996) to study the economic impact of

professional sports teams on the local economy. In addition to her academic interests and pursuits, Dr. West

volunteers her time and resources to several non-profit organizations serving the interests of residents and

visitors of South Florida.