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Subrata Basu (Council Member)

Subrata Basu a registered architect in Florida, Emeritus member of the

American Institute of Architects and a Life member of the American Institute of

Certified Planners has over four decades of varied experience, both in public

and private sectors, that covers the whole spectrum from policy development

to spatial planning to implementing plans giving him a well-rounded and

pragmatic perspective in addressing intricacies of community development. As

a public sector planner in various leadership capacities, he has extensive

experience in Policy Development and Strategic Planning for urban

communities such as Miami Dade County and City of South Miami in Florida

and in Belize, C.A.  As an architect and an urban planner, Mr. Basu has

complemented his policy development experience with actual urban and spatial

planning through a process that is inclusive and based on consensus building of

stakeholders. One of the principles that Mr. Basu consistently followed and

strongly believes in is meaningful inclusion of the stakeholders in the planning process.

As   the   Principal   Planner   for   the   Station   Area   Design   and   Development   program   for   the   Miami   Dade   County’s 20-mile   elevated   metro   rail   system,   Mr.   Basu   facilitated   the   planning   of   the   areas   around   the   stations.   The program   goal   was   to   create   a   policy   framework   to   encourage   transit   supportive   development   allowing   for high   density   walkable   infill   developments,   create   increased   transit   ridership   and   opportunities   for   affordable housing.   As   the   Director   of   Community   Redevelopment   Area,   Mr.   Basu   focused   on   strategic   investments   and social   transformation   through   physical   improvements   by   applying   crime   prevention   through   environmental design   principles,   addressing   traffic   intrusion,   promoting   home   ownership,   building   a   community   center   and making   small   business   and   housing   assistance   programs   available   to   improve   the   economically   distressed area   of   City   of   South   Miami.      As   Miami   Dade   County   Assistant   Director   of   Planning   and   Zoning,   Mr.   Basu   was instrumental   in   promoting   major   policy   initiatives   to   accommodate   rapid   expansion   of   the   county   by   creating Urban   Centers   along   major   transportation   infrastructures   to   promote   sustainable   infill   development   and discourage continued sprawling developments. Most   recently,   as   a   Community   Development   Advisor/Volunteer   on   behalf   of   United   States   Peace   Corps,   Mr. Basu   left   his   mark   in   Belize,   C.A.   He   led   a   local   stakeholder   group,   in   the   border   town   of   Benque   Viejo   del Carmen,   to   develop   an   Action   Plan   to   create   economic   opportunities   for   local   residents   through   tourism   and by revitalization of the historic downtown. Mr.   Basu   has   a   Master’s   in   Architecture   and   a   Master’s   in   City   and   Regional   Planning,   both   from   the   Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. After   completing   an   extended   Peace   Corps   assignment   he   continues   to   volunteer   in   the   community.   Mr.   Basu, is   the   2016-2017   President   of   South   Miami   Rotary   Club,   a   Board   member   of   the   Tropical   Audubon   Society, Member   of   Miami   Dade   County’s   Social   and   Economic   Development   Council   and   sits   on   the   South   Miami Planning    and    Zoning    Board.    In    his    spare    time    he    likes    to    play    golf,    does    water    color    painting    and photography.